Running with OBJ

I had the honor of working with Portal A to spend the day with Odell Beckham Jr. right before training camp. I filmed him while he trained, connected with his family, and try on his new shoes for Nike executives. And he even stopped to take pictures with fans. We got an intimate look into OBJ’s life and look forward to working with him again.

Producing Greenwood Avenue Virtual Reality

I produced, AD and Post Supervised this virtual reality series “Greenwood Avenue A Virtual Reality Experience” with Ayana Baraka’s Edamame Films. The historical fiction episodic VR series was created in conjunction with Google’s Creator Lab. We filmed on the last remaining piece of Greenwood Avenue in Tulsa, Oklahoma with local actors to make it a community experience.

Here are a few thoughts from the trip:

As the plane took off from Tulsa, Oklahoma I couldn’t help but think about how radical that experience was. If I was looking through this window in 1921 I would have seen the richest black community in America being burned to the ground. We filmed in a museum dated back to the time. We shut down the actual Greenwood Avenue with ascendants of the survivors of the massacre. We told a young love story of a girl getting her first kiss in VR 180. Blessings kept falling from the sky as people showed up to help and participate in the magic. Several times I felt the breath of spirits tickle my neck as we spoke their experience into existence. I met a kid that I could see myself in and wondered about life in his shoes as we traded stories in his truck. Beautiful black women directed, dP’d, produced and took charge to make sure that the tenderness matched the grit of Greenwood. Duality of creation, love and light. One night we stayed up talking film like we were little kids at camp. I made friends with guys from a vintage car club. I watched the sunset over Oklahoma. I watched a blood moon glow orange. I saw perseverance, grace, hope on a woman’s face as she thought of her child. Pain, growth, and sorrow, as another woman released her heartbreak. I dapped up Mr. Tee at his shop and Wanda J at her restaurant. I learned how to breath through adversity. I appreciate an inappropriate laugh in the most dire of moments. I met bruhs that shared my heart. I have unlimited gratitude for this human experience. The duality of life. I thank the creator for hope. May we rebuild faith in humanity together.
— Osahon Tongo Instagram